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We have provided many Pinzgauers both in stock format, and adjusted to meet customers needs, into Country Estates around the British Isles. Some of the finest Grouse Moors use our Pinzgauers for Beaters and Guns. Seating in the 6x6 is for 2 +1 plus Driver, and Seating in the 4x4 is 8 +1 plus Driver. One huge advantage is the majority of our vehicles are rated to 3500kg, so can be driven on a licence issued after 1997. These are immensely practical vehicles, whether you choose a hard or soft top version, with excellent ground clearance (tree stumps no issue) and an enclosed drivetrain (no spinning parts to get caught).


We are increasingly being approached by customers around the world for a more tailored and individual approach to their desired vehicle. Pinzgauer's have immense advantages over many 4x4's due to their load size, with either a 2300mm or 3300mm load bed depending on model. They have an enclosed drive train, independent suspension with portal axles - providing extra ground clearance, and are forward control. The diff-locks are factory fitted as standard and engage on the fly, all this provides maximum traction in even the most extreme of conditions. We have provided bespoke builds for Country Estates to transport their guests, Overland adventurers to explore from Europe to Mongolia. We can provide storage, fridges, air-con, drinks bars, racking, even Harris Tweed lining and cushioned leather seating if needed.


These are available in both Petrol and Diesel, contact us for our current stock availability, and to talk through your ideas and requirements.


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